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Raizy Fried, known as the "Jewish Martha Stewart," is a chassidic Jewish homemaker who takes pride in donning an apron, baking fluffy challah with a crusty hull, and serving ten-course meals on Wedgwood china washed down with fine wine and dessert. Raizy epitomizes Jewish values of modesty, creativity in the home, and attentive nurturing. But she is also a creative entrepreneur at the cutting edge of design, marketing, and communications.

Raizy is a writer, food stylist, recipe developer, and brings honed skills to make businesses shine. She believes in empowered women who can be successful while staying true to their traditions, heritage, and greatness. She is committed to teaching, innovating, and inspiring women with ideas that make every day more beautiful, functional, and meaningful.

Raizy's philosophy is that homemaking and life are an art and an opportunity for creativity. She believes that the true way to maximize the gifts and opportunities that God has granted us is with the right thought. Proper thinking is the path to thriving.

Raizy is an educator and public speaker, sharing her expertise and inspiring others through speaking engagements. With her warm and engaging speaking style, she has captivated audiences at numerous events, from intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences.

Raizy's platform INSPIRED LIVING is devoted to helping women run their homes more efficiently, entertain with practicality and style, and learn all the clever homemaking and organizing techniques they can get their hands on.

INSPIRED LIVING is where you can explore a variety of topics that focus on elevating and enriching the changing lives of today's Jewish women.

Raizy has a powerful voice in her niche market of Jewish homemakers and the thousands of women inspired by her love of home and hearth. Her fans and followers are drawn to her enthusiasm, professionalism, and wisdom, insight, and great warmth

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